Linda Fausnet- Author



My name is Linda Fausnet, and I’m a storyteller. I write the kind of things I love to read; mainly books with lots of romance, humor, and heart.

I’ve been a writer for more than twenty years. I began my writing career as a screenwriter, and two of my screenplays were optioned by production companies in Los Angeles (Mega Films, Inc. and Runaway Productions). In addition, the screenplay version of my novel Queen Henry was a Finalist in the national Progress Writers Competition.

Several years ago, I switched from writing screenplays to writing novels. I’ve written LGBT fiction, chick lit, and even a middle-grade novel. Right now I’m focusing on writing romance and I love it!

A common theme in my writing is equality, so if you’re anti-gay or otherwise prejudiced, you won’t enjoy my books. My romance novels also include sex scenes – just letting you know in case that’s not your thing. I also believe strongly in helping other writers. It’s my goal to connect readers with good stories, whether they come from traditional publishers or independent writers. If you enjoy reading romance novels like I do, I hope you’ll join Romance Novel Addicts Anonymous on Facebook. 

Please feel free to contact me at lindafausnet@gmail dot com. You can also join my mailing list HERE, and I’ll send you a free book. I look forward to hearing from you!