The Maiden’s Defender – A Romance Novel Addicts Anonymous Book Review

Rose Rating – Five Roses

Title: The Maiden’s Defender

Author: E. Elizabeth Watson

Genre: Medieval Romance


Training men to be ruthless soldiers is a skill at which Highlander Teàrlach MacGregor excels. He can kill three men with nothing but a sword and a couple of daggers. After he rescues a ward of the king, the beautiful Lady Madeline Crawford, the fierce warrior begins to yearn for a cottage of his own in the Highlands, with the sweet, delicate Madeline as the mother of his bairns.


Madeline begins to see a side of Teàrlach that nobody else has witnessed. The strong silent Highlander takes her to her first fair, teaches her to read, and bestows upon her a passionate kiss—her very first. But Madeline is informed that she is betrothed to another with the blessing of the king, making her and Teàrlach’s love forbidden.


Teàrlach, the famed fighter, vows to make Madeline his even if that means bringing down her corrupt warden, and Madeline knows that she must defy the king if she hopes to claim her Highlander.


What I Loved About this Book:

This was the first time I can remember reading a Medieval Romance and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It features my favorite romance novel guy – a swoon-worthy protective hero. Who doesn’t love a sexy highlander?

Madeline is an uneducated yet smart and strong heroine. She started out as fairly meek and with good reason. Her father was a brute who oppressed her horribly and refused to let her learn to read. She was illiterate through no fault of her own, but she was also inquisitive and highly intelligent.

The hero, Tearlach, recognizes and admires her intelligence. He even teaches her to read. How swoon-worthy is that??

Madeline certainly came into her own at the end, which I really loved. Naturally, women were supposed to be meek and mild in that time period, but Madeline proved she was no shrinking violet when it came to choosing her own destiny.

Sexual Content: Lots of sensuality and some actual sex. 

Overall: I enjoyed this sweeping romance from beginning to end and would highly recommend it!

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A Taste of Wonderland – Romance Novel Addicts Anonymous Book Review

Title: A Taste of Wonderland

Author: Allison West

Genre: Age-Play Romance


Alice Hall is a thirty-two-year-old writer at The Daily Chronicle. When Mr. White pays a visit to her boss and insists she visit Wonderland on assignment, Alice believes it to be a cruel joke. She soon discovers that Wonderland is nothing like what she read about as a child. The owner of the Queen of Tarts invites Alice inside, feeding her delightful sweets in hopes that Alice’s article will focus on her pastry shop. It is not only dessert that the owner of the Queen of Tarts feeds her but also stories of Baylor, the owner of the local pastry competitor, The Mad Batter. He may be hot and single, but he also has a reputation for having a secret club catering to special “Littles” hidden within town.

Will Alice be able to get an invitation to the secretive club and find the story that she desires to write? Despite the dangers, she is determined to satisfy her curiosity. Will her investigative skills be enough to keep her out of trouble, or will she find her bottom bared?

What I Liked About this Book:

This was quite a different read for me. Don’t be fooled by the innocent-looking cover. This is an age-play romance (something I have never heard of), and involves role-playing romance between “littles” and their “papas”. Though this was decidedly not my cup of tea, it was a well-written story with intriguing characters and a good story. This was also a spanking romance (which I have heard of but have never read before). Alice is a reporter in search of story, and gets more than she bargained for when she visits the town of Wonderland. She discovers that the owner of the Mad Batter bakery shop owns a secret sex club where adults can live out their fantasies of either being little, being both pampered and punished, or being a Papa or Mama, and remain in control at all times. If you’re in the mood for something highly imaginative, and perhaps slightly out of your comfort zone, you might want give this one a try!

What Could Have Been Better: This was a well-written story, but definitely not my kind of thing. Still, I’m I gave it a try!

Sexual Content: And how.

Overall: This was a fairy Tale with a helluva twist!

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Call It Chemistry – Romance Novel Addicts Book Review

RNAA Rose Rating – Four Roses

Title: Call It Chemistry: A Golden Grove Series Small Town Sweet Romance

Author: D.J. Van Oss

Genre: Small Town / Sweet Romance


Is it ever too late for a second chance?
Kate Brady never thought she’d set foot in her hometown again. After all, Golden Grove was the scene of the biggest embarrassment of her life, back when she was “Katie Braces,” the high-school art nerd. But if she’s going to climb the corporate ladder at her demanding Chicago design firm, she has to take on a re-branding job for Nitrovex, the big (and boring) chemical plant on the outskirts of her Iowa hometown. And to do that, she’s going to need the help of her old next-door-neighbor, Peter Clark, the cute guy she’s never really gotten over.

Before he lost his dad, Peter Clark had planned on a prestigious career as a chemical engineer doing cutting-edge science. Now here he is, still stuck in his small hometown, teaching chemistry at his old high school. The last thing he expected was seeing his childhood crush, Katie, back in Golden Grove. But when one trip turns into multiple visits, he wonders if this is a chance to heal old wounds – and maybe more.

Will Kate be able to get the job done while enduring all of these heart-thumping distractions from Peter? And will Peter take a chance on finding love with the girl he once let get away?

What I Loved About this Book:

The plot involved actual chemistry, which I thought was rather clever. Katie and Peter were engaging characters with fully-developed stories and backstories. Former friends and nearly high school sweethearts, the two connect years later when Katie returns to her hometown on business. Peter is a high school chemistry teacher and is the perfect person to help Kate with her important advertising account for the town’s chemical company. The side characters were engaging, too, if slightly pushy and annoying. Then again, haven’t we had pushy and annoying neighbors and other characters in our lives??


What Could Have Been Better:

I found the plot engaging and enjoyable to read, but this was one of those books where the central plot was set up in the beginning without much new information being introduced. Perhaps it could have benefited with a little more conflict or maybe some new developments being scattered throughout.

Sexual Content: None. The book is billed as a clean romance, and delivers on that promise.

Overall: A clever, engaging story about romantic and actual chemistry.

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I HATE William Faulkner

Okay, so this article is book-related, but not romance-related. This was one of my most popular posts from my old writing-related site, and I couldn’t help but want to share it here. It’s as true today as it was when I first wrote it.

Buckle up – it’s rant time…


As an English major, I had to take an entire class on William Faulkner. I hated him then and I hate him now. Before taking this class I had read some of his short stories, which were halfway normal. Nothing to write home about but nothing to get all up in arms about either.

Then I was introduced to his novels. It wasn’t long before I started referring to him as the Dark Leader of Literature. I wore all black clothes and listened to the Darth Vader theme music on the way to class (I really did. It was like my own inside joke and helped me get through the misery).

I really really hated him.

If you’ve never read any of his books…you’re luckier than I am! Haha, I kid.

No I don’t. I wish I’d never heard of the guy… Anywho, in case you had nicer teachers than I did and you were never subjected to his work, Faulkner’s novels are written in some kind of wacky, stream-of-consciousness, incomprehensible way that lots of people think is brilliant but I think it just reads like old Willy was sniffing glue. Half the time you can’t figure out who the hell is talking and you can’t decipher what they are prattling on about.

Seriously, reading his books is like trying to solve a math problem. Not exactly fun to cozy up with in bed with a cup of tea.  I was too busy throwing the book at the wall and shaking my fist at the sky (when I should have been shaking it at the ground. At least that’s where he should have ended up after putting me through a whole semester of torture.)

It just annoys me when people go on and on about how brilliant Faulkner is and about how his wonderful books are a superb commentary on the South and all that. I’m sure there’s some brilliance in there SOMEWHERE, but I’m too busy trying to figure out what the hell is going on. It’s hard to lose yourself in a story when you can’t even tell which character is talking and you find yourself fantasizing about setting the book on fire and slowly watching it burn….

I confess it’s been eighteen years since I took that class. I’m older, wiser, and have written five novels and ten screenplays as of this writing (Fun Fact: William Faulkner was a failed screenwriter. Hahahahha! Sorry…back to the blog…) I’ve read a lot and written a lot since then. Perhaps I should go back and read some of his work as a mature adult to see if my opinion has changed.

Yeah. Not gonna happen.

If I’m not getting graded and I don’t have to write a paper on it, I’m not going near Faulkner’s books.

On the plus side, Faulkner’s dead so he can’t write any more books!

Sorry, that was mean. But I’m okay with it.

If you wanna talk classic literature, this guy is way more my speed.

“My books are water; those of the great geniuses is wine. Everybody drinks water.”  – Mark Twain

Well said.

Suck it, Faulkner.

  • Linda Fausnet

P.S. I wrote this article several years ago and I am happy to state that nothing has changed. I STILL hate William Faulkner, and have enjoyed my Faulkner-free years with much verve and gusto.

I was in Barnes and Noble a few years ago and, just for funsies, I took a look in the fiction section to see where my books might end up should I ever get traditionally published. Looking under the FAU fiction section, it dawned on me that my books would be smack dab right next to my good buddy Faulkner.

As a self-pubbed author, my work isn’t exactly on the shelves of Barnes and Noble. However, my debut novel *is* on the library shelves:

I get a huge kick out of the fact that my rainbow-colored novel about gay equality, QUEEN HENRY, is nestled snugly next to Faulkner’s “classic” novel, THE SOUND AND THE FURY.

I don’t know if Faulkner is chuckling or rolling in his grave, but this sure made me smile…

Spinning Time – Romance Novel Addicts Anonymous Recommended Read


This was a truly engaging read with engrossing characters and several sweet romances. It is a standalone novel, which was very refreshing. This was different from what I normally read, and I’m glad I gave it a chance. Terrific, engaging writing and a clever story. 

The book is available on AMAZON

Visit the author’s WEBSITE

Protector by Michelle Horst – Romance Novel Addicts Anonymous Recommended Read

This was a terrific story, but NOT for the faint of heart. Personally, I’m used to reading much lighter fare but I decided to give this a try. Not gonna lie…I almost quit on this book as the beginning is pretty violent and very depressing (some readers love that, so who I am I to judge?) I’m glad I hung on and stuck with it, because this turned out to be a terrific, page-turningly good read. There of moments of violence and sadness, but also romance and hope. Overall, a great read.

Find the book HERE.

6 Tips for Writers for Dealing with Icky Technology


There are a lot of talented, creative writers out there who are great with all that left-brained, complicated, technological stuff.

I am not one of those writers…

As an indie author, I still have to deal with graphic design for book covers and advertisements, formatting for eBooks and paperbacks, and lots of other icky techy stuff like that. I’m serious about self-publishing, so I’m doing my best to attack that kind of thing head-on, rather than try to avoid it. I truly believe that embracing the business side of self-publishing means the difference between success and failure.

I am generally a fairly patient person, but when it comes to dealing with technology, it takes precious little for me to absolutely lose my damn mind. I am just no good at it! Give me a cooking recipe, I can follow it and make a delicious meal. However, if you give me plain, step-by-step instructions on how to use a computer program, I just do not get it. Not the first time. Not the second time. Sometimes not even the third or fourth of fifth. This usually results in a lot of yelling things like “I am so STUPID!! I just CAN’T DO THIS!”

Believe it or not, I’ve found that completely flipping out and screaming doesn’t usually make me understand the technology any better. However, I have developed some coping mechanisms that I have found helpful, and maybe you will, too.

  1. Give Yourself A Damn Break – If you’re like me, you’re just not good with technical stuff. Well, guess what? You’re not good at it, and you’re tackling it anyway. Good for you. Good for me. Anybody can do what comes naturally to them, but it takes hard-working folks to master things that are difficult. Give yourself a cookie and a pat on the back.
  1. Decide You Can Do It – You already know it’s not going to be easy, but you need to make a conscious decision that you can and will do it.
  1. Baby Steps – Yes, you should decide that you can do it, but you shouldn’t give yourself a super-short timeframe. My recent frustration was in learning how to do a Facebook Ad. I really wanted to sit down for an hour or two, learn how to do an ad, and have it up and running before I got up from my desk. It didn’t quite work out that way… I needed, once again, to remind myself that this is tough for my airy-fairy right-brainy self. It works best for me to learn anything technological just one or two steps at a time.
  1. Ask Yourself – Do I Know More Today Than I Did Yesterday? If the answer is yes, give yourself another cookie. Sometimes my baby-steps learning sessions still end in tears, but I’ve learned to ask myself that question. It’s incredibly frustrating to spend an hour trying to learn how to do something, only to run out of time before you get it figured out. Still, I take a deep breath and ask – do I know more than I did when I started? The answer is almost always YES, even if I only learned what didn’t work.
  1. Stop When You’ve Hit a Brick Wall –There were many times when I was trying to figure out how to put together an ad that I got to a point when I was totally stuck. I just didn’t know the answer. I’ve learned that that is the time to stop for the time being. Now is the time to ask for help. If you don’t have a technology expert in your house, ask fellow writers on KBoards, Facebook groups, message boards, or reach out to tech support. Yes, you might have to wait a few hours to get a response, but it’s likely that somebody else has a quick answer, thus saving you hours of frustration. It’s not admitting defeat to admit you need help. It’s a lot wiser than banging your head against that brick wall.
  1. Don’t Give Up – This is simple, not easy, advice. It’s great to say Rah-rah! You can do it! But it’s hard to keep going when you feel like you’re never going to get it. If you give yourself reasonable time to accomplish a goal, ask for help when you get stuck, and just keep going until you get it, you really can do it. You’ve worked so hard on your books, and you really owe it to yourself to master the business side so you get the word out about your stories.

Remember, each time you master something, you own that knowledge forever. Be sure to take ample notes – notes in plain language that you can understand – so you can refer to them time and time again. It’s taking me forever to figure out the tech aspects of preparing a Facebook ad – but once I master it, I will use that knowledge for every book I write and publish. Plus, the more I master techniques that once seemed impossible, the more confident I become.

What’s most difficult for you? What are some of your coping techniques?

Romance Novel Addicts Anonymous Recommended Read – Do You Want to Start a Scandal?

My Brief Review:

This was a truly enjoyable book. Humorous, clever, with a fun mystery. The hero was sexy and brooding yet NOT an alphahole. The heroine was smart and engaging. Terrific couple, sexy and fun read. 
 Get the book here:

Recommended Romance Read – Bedside Manner


This was a sweet, sexy story about two guys finding their happy ever after while dealing with problems concerning family and society. This was the second book in a series, but it flows perfectly well as a standalone. I didn’t even realize it was part of a series until I finished it. Well-written story, tender and poignant.

Get the book HERE.