Romance Novel Addicts Anonymous

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Romance novels are a great joy. They provide hours of dreamy wish fulfillment while featuring strong female characters that aren’t relegated simply to roles of the wife or girlfriend. I’m proud to be both a reader and an author of romance novels, but that doesn’t mean I want to waste time justifying my interests to people who just don’t get it.

I wanted to create a place where romance novel fans could discuss their passion for reading and share racy book covers without fear of judgment. That’s why the Romance Novel Addicts Anonymous Facebook group is closed. This means that anything shared there is visible only to members of the group. My family members, coworkers, and boss do not need to see the things I post there. I also recognize and respect that not everyone is comfortable with sexuality and may not want that stuff appearing in their newsfeed. My family and friends have been 100% supportive of my journey as a writer, and yet I am 100% certain they do NOT wish to see photos like the one at the top of this page in their Facebook newsfeeds!

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