Recommended Book for Authors – Iterate and Optimize

For all my author friends out there, I just finished a book that I highly recommend. My review is below:

Like Have a Coach in the Ring With You With a Squeeze Bottle of Water
I listened to the audiobook version of this book with the always delightful Simon Whistler.  This book is a must-read for anyone who is serious about writing as a business. It’s straightforward, honest advice without being overwhelming, which is no easy feat. I love the authors’ attitude of – “this is what works for us. It may not work for you.” I read and listen to all kinds of self-publishing gurus, and if it’s one thing I can’t stand it’s experts who claim their way is the only path to success. One-size-fits-all advice never works because everybody has different goals. I also love the way the authors refuse to tolerate whiners who complain that the writing business is impossible, and I love the way they are not afraid to admit when they’ve totally screwed up from time to time. I also love the idea of being a Smarter Artist and not a starving one. 
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Recommended Romance Read – Dearest Rogue

Here is my Goodreads Review for this book:

I really enjoyed this book, but then again I am a sucker for the strong, chivalrous type. Captain James Trevillion was dashing and daring, and the lovely blind heroine, Lady Phoebe was no pushover, which I loved. This was a sweet and sexy read; my favorite combination. Highly recommend this steamy, sensual read.


You can find DEAREST ROGUE and other Elizabeth Hoyt books HERE.

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Write It Like Your Mama Won’t Read It


There is an author out there in the self-publishing world who is known only as the Tattooed Writer. In fact, this gentleman has four different pseudonyms and even his family members don’t know them.

I’m starting to see the wisdom of this.

There is a sense of freedom in being able to write whatever the hell you want without thinking of your mother – or anybody else you know – reading it. This is especially true of sex scenes. Though my books are far from erotica, I love to read and write romance and for me, a romance book with no sex is just boring. Romance novels run the gamut from being totally chaste (Christian romance, Amish romance, for example) to hardcore BDSM and erotica. My taste is somewhere in between. Erotica is far too graphic for my tastes and I can’t stand BDSM (it’s fine if that’s your thing, but ordering somebody around in the bedroom is about as unromantic as I could possibly imagine) but I love a good sensual scene in the middle of a sweet, romantic story.

Like all wonderful, supportive parents, my mother reads every word I write (including this blog. Hi Mom!!) but she confesses to skipping over the sex scenes. This is probably wise. Therefore, I suppose, that means I could write a sex scene a steamy as I please since she’s not going to read it anyway!

It’s more than just my mom, though. I need to come to grips with the fact that really nothing I write is targeted in any way toward my family and friends. My father reads a lot of nonfiction, including things like math books. We are very, very different in that regard, my dad and I…. My mother loves mysteries, specifically “cozy” mysteries, and rarely reads novels save for the ones her daughter writes. My sister enjoys nonfiction on various topics, as well as science fiction. Again, not a novel reader, and she is far too practical for silly romance stories (though she is really too kind to say this to me). My best girlfriend tends to read much more serious, hard-hitting literature. DEFINITELY not at all what I write. And my husband, my best friend, and favorite person in the whole wide world? He hates to read and has never read any of my books in its entirety.

The fact is, there *is* an audience out there for the unabashedly romantic and fantasy-escapism type of books that I love to read and write. Fortunately for me, romance novels tend to sell quite well. I just need to keep in mind as I’m writing that I need to write for my target audience and for myself. I write what I truly love, and I think you can actually feel that passion (and not just the sex stuff!) rising from the pages. When I’m truly “in the zone”, I live in my story practically 24 hours a day. When I wrote my Gettysburg ghost love stories, I listened to Civil War music, read books on Gettysburg, and listened to battle-related audio books in the car. My head was constantly spinning with character ideas, dialogue snippets, and plot twists. If I was conscious, you can bet I was thinking of my novel and the special people who populate it. I don’t have any desire to curtail the raw passion and emotion I feel when truly living in the story with my characters.

Though I am acutely aware that the subject matter and style in which I write likely holds little appeal to any of my family and friends, I am incredibly grateful for their unconditional support. I would feel hurt and slighted if they *didn’t* read my stuff (hear that, husband? Of course he doesn’t. He doesn’t read my blog, either. He is still very supportive though, including promoting my extremely gay debut novel to his friends. Now THAT’S love.)

I’m certainly not the only writer who has to worry about what loved ones might think of her work. Can you imagine what it’s like to be E.L. James’ mama? Fifty Shades of Red is more like it…

Just like the old bumper sticker says – Ride It Like You Stole It — I implore my fellow writers to write with all their passion, whatever that passion might entail. Write for your target audience and for nobody else. Write It Like Your Mama Won’t Read It, but like hundreds of readers will.

Family and friends be forewarned – I shall not censor myself! Read my novels at your own risk.

That being said, I do want to send out heartfelt thanks to my wonderful family and friends who read my books without fail and with unfettered enthusiasm, regardless of the weird, silly, and/or sexual plot.

Your support means more than you know.

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Recommended Romance Read – Tell Me A Story

This was a deliciously sensual read. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
This was one of the most terrifically sensual romances I’ve ever read! The characters were beautifully developed, the story was engrossing, and it was simply a delightful romance read all around. It is part of a series, but does not end on a cliffhanger. Highly recommended!


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The Gettysburg Ghost Series Box Set is Now Available!

What happens when you find the love of your life more than one hundred years after your death? You might just find your happy ever after…

The Gettysburg Ghost series is comprised of three complete yet interconnected books about Civil War ghost soldiers who fall in love with living women. In modern-day Gettysburg, ghostly soldiers freely roam among the living, with most people mistaking them for Civil War reenactors.

The first tale is about Jesse, a dead Confederate soldier who falls in love with Lucy, a waitress in a tavern in the town of Gettysburg. Jesse has admired Lucy from afar for months, but is afraid to approach her because she is terrified of ghosts. Book two centers around Lucy’s best friend, Theresa, who starts a counseling group for dead Civil War soldiers in an effort to help them cross over to heaven. Theresa falls in love with one of the Union soldiers and fears he will eventually cross over and leave her behind. Book three involves Remy, a Ghost Tour guide who doesn’t believe in ghosts. She’s oblivious to the Irish Confederate soldier, Avery, who has fallen in love with her. When she finally learns his true identity, she falls for him, too. Avery is torn between staying with Remy and crossing over to be with his long lost daughter.

The Gettysburg Ghost Series is a three-book romance series with adult content and is intended for mature audiences only!

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