Swinging Strike – An RNAA Recommended Read

Romance Novel Addicts Anonymous Book Recommendation by:  Linda Fausnet

Genre: Contemporary Sports Baseball Romance

My Thoughts on the Book: Swinging Strike is a sports romance with a kind of an Enemies to Lovers vibe. Braxton is a cocky athlete and Cara is in school to be a veterinarian. Full disclosure: I hate hate hate arrogant cocky alphas in the “I’m going to throw my Kindle into ongoing traffic” kind of way. However, that is my personal preference, and I know there are lots of readers who adore a cocky jerk and the give-and-take tension they provide between the hero and heroine. In the beginning, Cara walked into a pole and Braxton kept calling her Pole Girl despite her repeatedly telling him not to. As for me, I’d have been done with the guy after that. But! I did read on and Braxton eventually chilled out and was not a bad guy overall. This book had a good love story and an engaging plot, plus I like the fact that the heroine was in school to be a veterinarian and the author seemed to have done some actual research on the classes and labs one needs for that, which was refreshing. Bottom line, if you love cocky arrogant jerks, you will enjoy this start to finish. If you hate them, stick it out, don’t throw your Kindle, and you’ll probably have a good time anyway. I had no problem rating this book five stars because the author executed the book perfectly – like I said, my hatred of cocky alphas is a personal preference, and the writing was quite good.

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