Accidental Love – An RNAA Recommended Read

Romance Novel Addicts Anonymous Book Recommendation by: Linda Fausnet

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Fake Marriage Romance

My Thoughts on the Book: As an author myself, I am currently trying to read as many “popular” and “tropy” books right now as I can. I’m still trying to figure out that balance between writing what I love and writing to actually turn a decent profit. As part of that, I’m currently reading a bunch of “fake fiancee” books. I get frustrated with books that seem to be “paint-by-numbers” books that take a popular trope, stick some basic characters in there, and it’s a license to print money.  As much as I might hate it, that tactic WORKS. Fake fiancé books seem to always be successful, no matter the quality of the writing. I picked up Accidental Love and was prepared to dislike it. Then I read the preface and was prepared to hate it. In the first page, it became clear that this book wasn’t just going to capitialize on ONE trope. I counted four. On the FIRST PAGE. Fake fiancé, brother’s best friend, second chance, and secret baby.  I promised myself that I could just skim the pages if I got too annoyed, taking what I learned from the book, and then move on. That proved completely unecessary, as the book sucked me in immediately. Wyatt and Sinclair were utterly engaging characters from the start, and I found myself rooting for them straight away. They were very young when they first fell in love, and then Wyatt went away for ten years to join the military and to escape his abusive family. Sinclair was pregnant but he didn’t know it. Ten years later, he comes back and fake marries Sinclair in order to save the family farm. I give credit to the author for coming up with a more plausible reason for the fake marriage than many others I’ve read. The stipulations were written in the 1800s when it made sense for you to have to be a family to run a family farm. Overall, this was a charming, quite steamy, and engaging read that took me by surprise. It goes to show you that it is possible to use a common trope and create a well-written and entertaining novel. I have no hesitation in recommending this novel as an excellent, romantic read!

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