Romance Readers! Help the Innocent Victims of CockyGate

Hello Fellow Romance Addicts!

As you may be aware, there has been a terrible storm brewing in the Romance community of late.

An author named Faleena Hopkins has obtained a trademark of the word “Cocky” (additional litigation is still pending, and it is possible that the trademark will be rescinded). 

This has had a horrible impact on many authors as they are being forced to pull their books (losing their ranking etc) and change their titles, covers, series names, and the like.

Ms. Hopkins has been unduly harsh in her efforts to enforce her trademark, resorting to leaving one-star reviews on other authors’ books (I have heard) and sending threatening letters to authors (this has happened for sure).

I am heartbroken at seeing what her malicious actions have done to other writers, and I’m dismayed to see her sales continue to climb despite her despicable behavior.

However, we are not helpless.

I am heartened at the Indie Community’s ability to band together in a spirit of generosity.

#ThisIsHowYouIndie has been trending on Social Media, as authors are recommending each other’s books and asking readers to do this same. 

Here’s how YOU can help:

Give your favorite authors a shoutout on Social Media, using #ThisIsHowYouIndie and spread the love. Tell everyone what books you recommend. 

You can help some of the authors directly by buying their books. Some of those books can be found HERE.

I am positively overwhelmed by the kindness of spirit I have seen displayed of late, from Romance Writers of America who are fighting for our rights, to the attorneys who have offered their services for free, to the cover artist who offered her services free of charge. 

Love and kindness will conquer hate.

In the end, it always does.

Thank you so much for your support.

Lots of love,

Linda Fausnet