The Gettysburg Ghost Series Box Set is Now Available!

What happens when you find the love of your life more than one hundred years after your death? You might just find your happy ever after…

The Gettysburg Ghost series is comprised of three complete yet interconnected books about Civil War ghost soldiers who fall in love with living women. In modern-day Gettysburg, ghostly soldiers freely roam among the living, with most people mistaking them for Civil War reenactors.

The first tale is about Jesse, a dead Confederate soldier who falls in love with Lucy, a waitress in a tavern in the town of Gettysburg. Jesse has admired Lucy from afar for months, but is afraid to approach her because she is terrified of ghosts. Book two centers around Lucy’s best friend, Theresa, who starts a counseling group for dead Civil War soldiers in an effort to help them cross over to heaven. Theresa falls in love with one of the Union soldiers and fears he will eventually cross over and leave her behind. Book three involves Remy, a Ghost Tour guide who doesn’t believe in ghosts. She’s oblivious to the Irish Confederate soldier, Avery, who has fallen in love with her. When she finally learns his true identity, she falls for him, too. Avery is torn between staying with Remy and crossing over to be with his long lost daughter.

The Gettysburg Ghost Series is a three-book romance series with adult content and is intended for mature audiences only!

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