This Can’t Wait by Luke P. Narlee – A Romance Novel Addicts Anonymous Recommended Read

Romance Novel Addicts Anonymous Book Recommendation by: Olga GOA

Genre: Romance Short Stories

My Thoughts on This Book: I never read such unique, realistic and various collection of romantic short stories! Each story was different from another one and caught my attention. My favourite stories are The Moment, The Perfect Date, Show and Tell, Recess and Carrie Sue. I so enjoyed reading The Perfect Day among others maybe because I am a romantic person and believe in such dates. I would like to have such a date in my life. Carrie Sue showed the true relationships and feelings what every woman feels when experience doubt about love of her husband. I liked it. Recess impressed me in a special way: this story was telling about love among children. This is why I felt so pleasant reading it.
Thank you for this book, it gave me so many positive emotions.
I just wonder only about one thing: are these stories real or fiction? They sounded so close to the reality. 


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