Antidote – An RNAA Recommended Read

Romance Novel Addicts Anonymous Book Recommendation by: Maxine Keith

Genre: Dark Romance

My Thoughts on the Book:

If you’ve ever dreamed of being an outlaw, of living on the dark side, this book is for you. Strong characters, badass chicks, a family closer than just blood. Reading Antidote took me to places I hadn’t thought about in years. Siblings that fight for each other as much as they fight with each other. A family no one wants to mess with. A love that even the most screwed up mind can understand. Trigger warnings abound and an ending that leaves you breathless, but a roller coaster ride into a world without limits and laws. It’s not a Hallmark story, but it’s as raw and pure a love  story as I’ve ever read.

Where to Find This Book:



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