Unexpected – An RNAA Recommended Read





Romance Novel Addicts Anonymous Book Recommendation by: Linda Fausnet

Genre: Contemporary, Rock Star, Single Parent Romance

My Thoughts on the Book:

Books like these are a dying breed these days. Like many readers, I’ve started to become accustomed to (resigned to..?) the “churn and burn” of  Amazon where authors are financially rewarded for writing as fast as humanly possible. This book doesn’t read like somebody just slapped it together. This author took her time, actually taking you through the emotions and situations of the characters while artfully describing sights, smells, and FEELS like authors used to do. The heroine, Ava, has been through tremendous hardship, including several deaths in her family as well as dealing with extreme poverty bordering on homelessness. Whit is a rich rock star who isn’t able to live a real rock star life due to his being a devoted single parent. We aren’t simply told these things by the author, we are shown them. The author also paints a realistic portrait of poverty without glossing over the “Cinderella” nature of this tale. I highly recommend this steamy, emotional, romantic tale with a HEA!

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