Damaged Hearts – A Romance Novel Addicts Anonymous Recommended Read

Title: Damaged Hearts

Author: Ashley M. Hodge

Genre: Contemporary Romance




I’ve spent years running from a dangerous past, only to have the wounds I’ve worked so hard to conceal split open because of Zane. I hated that I fell for my best friend’s sexy older brother. But I did. Now, more than ever, I fear my past is catching up with me. And I refuse to drag Zane into it. 

But my heart and body have other plans.

Even if my head is telling me to run. 


I knew Stevie was too good for me. I was damaged. I didn’t deserve someone like her, even if she did have a dark past. But I couldn’t get thoughts of her crimson lips and what they would feel like against mine out of my head. 

So, I did the one thing I told myself I wouldn’t do. I fell for my little sister’s best friend. 

But with her threatening past lurking over her shoulder, there was only one thing left to do. 

I just hope I’m not too late.

My Review:

This is an excellent book by debut author Ashley M. Hodge. Stevie is a girl on the run from her past. She’s forced to confront it when she goes back home to assist her best friend, Jordan, during her father’s illness. Once back home, Stevie finds herself falling hard and fast for Jordan’s brother, Zane. Together, they struggle to deal with the past in the hopes for a brighter future. This is an engaging steamy romance with motorcycles, secrets, intrigue, love, passion, and second chances. 


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