The Lifted Veil by Phoebe Killingsworth – a Romance Novel Addicts Anonymous Recommended Read

Romance Novel Addicts Anonymous Book Recommendation by: Olga Goa

Title: The Netherworld Chronicles Vol 1: The Lifted Veil

Author: Phoebe Killingsworth

Genre: Dark Paranormal Romance

My Thoughts on this Book:

When I started reading this story I couldn’t put it down. It surprised me and conquered me without a doubt. All characters- major or minor- impressed me in full. They are well written as well described, so passionate and colorful. It is like you watch the movie in a big action genre and cannot stop. 


The story as dark as night itself and it captivates you. A calmly living girl Morgan finds out that she is not a mortal girl and her parents are not real parents at all. And the dreadful thing is, her REAL parents are non mortal as well and dead. What a sad twist, right? This story goes with so many unexpected turns that you cannot stop being in awe and horror because of the darkness that soaked the plot. You can find here as many bad boys as you want, sexy and dangerous. But some of them are so horrible like Chance that better not following him and like him doesn’t matter how beautiful he looks. He is a true bast*rd, cruel and vengefully evil. I can say, he is the devil in this story and nothing more. Fallon is opposite has a heart and some kindness but he is also has no mercy for enemies and killing. Mykah is the same as Fallon, a loyal soldier to his master and King Devon who seems really kind at first sight for Morgan but Netherland Kingdom doesn’t let innocence get in and live there. It dies there and it is not good. Devon shows Morgan what his kingdom is. This is so sad and pity because Morgan has to live there being prisoned, without her great friend Carmen who has a secret of her birth as much as Morgan.
This story surrounded by secrets as passion and love rules it despite of how many awful things happen in it.
I cannot wait to read the sequel! I am not against cliffhanger ends in books, they just make you so excited and emotional. Thumbs up if you agree!
Great job. I so loved this story. 


 Maybe a reason is how I like dark romance books also won me! Thank you. 


Where to Find the Book:


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