The Rough Ride – An RNAA Recommended Read

Romance Novel Addicts Anonymous Book Recommendation by: Linda Fausnet
Genre: Romantic Suspense
My Thoughts on the Book:
Romantic suspense with action, adventure, romance and allll the feels.
This is an excellent romantic suspense with strong characters, intrigue, and romance. Nick is adamantly against having children of his own, not wanting to pass down his horrible family history of abuse. Unknown to him, the woman of his dreams has a child that she fears telling him about for fear of how he will react. I love how this book shows Nick coming to terms with his issues and it’s utterly endearing to see how he learns to trust himself while caring for three kids that are suddenly his temporary responsibility when the Nanny gets sick while he is on security detail for a U. S. senator. The romance is tender yet steamy, and there is a suspenseful plot filled with danger and intrigue that includes numerous strong, intelligent military women which I was glad to see. This is a romantic suspense with action, adventure, romance and allll the feels!
Where to Find This Book:
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