The Magician’s Blood – A Romance Novel Addicts Anonymous Recommended Read

Title: The Magician’s Blood

Author: Linda Hill

Genre: Paranormal/ Gothic Romance


Herman Anderson is in love. Thrilled to travel across Canada with her boyfriend as his assistant onstage, she returns to her hometown—the first stop on the Great  Dagmaru magic tour. Anticipating a reunion with her brother, instead she finds her family has moved without a trace.

Stephen Dagmar’s career as a stage magician is taking off. With Herman by his side, his only concern is her father’s dislike for him. But as Herman’s father makes a prediction and resolves to come between them, Stephen’s family curse returns to haunt him.

Darkness descends as the reality of the Dagmar’s incubus bloodline surfaces for the first time in over a generation. Can Herman and Stephen’s relationship survive this new trial? Will Herman survive at all?

A sinful tale of beauty and romance, love and determination, The Magician’s Blood will chill you and leave you breathless for more.

My Review

This is an unusual tale full of twists and turns involving a sexy and clever magician, his lovely magician’s assistant and soulmate, a family curse, and a jealous romantic rival hell-bent on revenge. Stephen Dagmar, or The Great Dagmaru, is no ordinary parlor-trick magician. On the contrary, his magic is real, as is his love and passion for Herman. If you’re in the mood for some romantic suspense, steamy passion, and a gothic tale of magic and revenge, this is the book for you!


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2 thoughts on “The Magician’s Blood – A Romance Novel Addicts Anonymous Recommended Read”

  1. The magicians blood by Linda g hill. Stephen dragmar is back with Hermin. Nina is still trying to get stephen. This was a fantastic read with brilliant characters.  I’m glad Hermin got to see her mum and chad. Wow. Didn’t see that coming.  Shocker. 5*. I do hope there is more to come.  Highly recommended.

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